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The Best Insurance for You and Your Vehicle This Winter

If the wintry weather hasn’t quite arrived yet, then it’s certainly on the way! The question is, are you prepared, and do you have the necessary cover in place to help deal with any potential issues or losses?

Darker days and icy roads are troublesome at the best of times, but as a business owner who needs to drive for work, it’s imperative that you understand the risks, so that you can reduce the likelihood of being involved in an accident.

Hazardous conditions increase the potential for injuries and vehicle damage, but there are other things to keep an eye out for as well, such as breakdowns, claims from other road users, and longer journey times - to name but a few.

At Towergate Insurance we not only provide a breakdown policy specifically designed for your business vehicles, but we also offer a wide range of cover to protect your car in a variety of challenging weather conditions.

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Driver safety quick ‘wins’

Before setting off on any journey, ensure that your vehicle has been checked and is safe to drive.

It’s important that you and your employees are confident driving in poor weather, so to help, make sure that you watch or listen to local weather reports, and find out about road conditions on the journey before departure.

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Rule 123 of the Highway Code states that:

  • You MUST NOT leave a parked vehicle unattended with the engine running or leave a vehicle engine running unnecessarily while that vehicle is stationary on a public road.
  • You could receive a £20 fixed penalty if caught with the engine idling while you defrost windows.

Rule 229 of the Highway Code states that:

  • You must be able to see, so clear all snow and ice from all windows.
  • Before you set off, remove all snow that might fall off into the path of other road users.
  • If your vehicle's windscreen is obstructed, your view will be compromised, and you could find yourself receiving a fine of £60 from a police officer.

Find more guidance on driving in adverse weather conditions on the government website.