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Coronavirus help and support for our insurance customers

Commercial Vehicle Sector Help and Guidance During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Covid-19 has created issues never-before experienced by almost any commercial vehicle business regardless of size. Read our guide to help your business weather the current crisis.

Cross-sector collaboration in the commercial vehicle industry

Certain firms may be seeing unprecedented activity during this current crisis. Cross-sector collaboration within the logistics sector may create new opportunities for some transport companies desperate for work. Others may find business drying up completely, through absolutely no fault of their own.

If your business is poised to diversify due to cross-sector collaboration, or your business description needs any adjustment, tell us immediately. This is important not just to motor insurance, but also to your transit and liability covers, and possibly other covers too.

Towergate are acutely aware of the huge challenges facing every business and will strive to do all it can to help every client, as far as is possible, regardless of size.

Maintain commercial vehicle insurance for laid up trucks

If you are forced to lay-up a vehicle, or vehicles, then, unless you are completely certain the vehicle(s) will not be manoeuvred, or driven, you should maintain full cover.

However, with depots closing, if you need to take your vehicles off the road and place them on laid up cover, please email us at confirming your name and the vehicles reg(s) involved. If you intend to work for another contract during this time, and therefore your vehicles will continue to be manoeuvred or driven, you should maintain full cover.

If you decide that laying up a vehicle is necessary and wish to reduce your level of cover to accidental damage fire and theft, please keep in mind the following:

  • The vehicle must first be SORN’d
  • The vehicle needs to be kept in a securely locked compound
  • There should be enough space between parked vehicles to serve as a firebreak

It is usual practice when laying-up your vehicle, that the refund of the insurance premium will be provided at the end of the insurance year. However, we understand the pressures people are under during these difficult times and are lobbying insurers to see if they are able to review this rule; we will update you if there is any change.

Commercial vehicle insurance refunds

Premium refunds will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, depending on the terms of your policy and, particularly for fleets, minimum and deposit premium requirements and vehicle declaration requirements.

Where premium refunds can be made, monies may first need to be received by us from your insurer before we can process; please be aware the whole process may take some time, particularly in the face of current staffing issues faced by so many businesses.

If you have any queries or any other issues relating to the insurance covers that we arrange for you, please get in touch via your usual Towergate executive.

Help with commercial vehicle insurance direct debit

If you have any difficulty in paying direct debits at this time, please contact your premium finance provider before an instalment payment is due:

Commercial vehicle insurance from Towergate

We can offer tailored commercial vehicle insurance with a series of options for drivers of single trucks or hauliers with fleets of up to five HGVs. Our cover ensures you have the right cover in place within a single policy, with no truck too big or too small. We can cover any truck ranging in size from 3.5t vehicles right through to trucks used to move abnormal loads.

Call for a quote on 0344 346 1434 or request a quote online. Alternatively, read more about our truck insurance and what we cover.

All cover is subject to normal underwriting terms and conditions.

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