Guide to Specialist Commercial Vehicle Insurance

What is specialist commercial vehicle insurance?

Specialist commercial vehicle insurance can help to put your mind at ease if you run into trouble while operating your ice cream van, party bus, catering truck, or any other specialist commercial vehicle. Read on below to find out more about how this cover can assist you.

Specialist commercial vehicle insurance is designed to cover against theft, damage and third-party liability for commercial vehicles that may differ a little from the norm. Be it a party bus, ice cream van, crane, cherry picker, or mobile exhibition unit, if your modified vehicle is your business, then taking out a specialist commercial vehicle insurance policy may be in your best interests.

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Chris North FCII, commercial vehicles insurance articles author Chris North FCII is a respected industry leader with over 40 years' experience, who has worked in the insurance industry in a variety of roles, accumulating a wealth of knowledge. He is currently Technical Manager for Towergate's motor division, providing expertise on all matters relating to motor fleet insurance, in particular haulage and self-drive hire fleets.

What does specialist commercial vehicle insurance cover?

Specialist commercial vehicle insurance policies can provide cover should your vehicle be stolen, damaged, or suffer a fire. They can also include passenger and public liability insurance to keep you and your passengers safe. It is possible to add a number of extras to your policy to give you the protection you need, depending on the nature of your vehicle or business.

What exclusions apply to specialist commercial vehicle insurance?

It is important to carefully consider specialist commercial vehicle insurance policies before buying, as they will include a number of exclusions. These will vary depending on the vehicle, but in general the policies will not cover:

  • Theft (if keys are left in the vehicle)
  • Deliberate acts of negligence or recklessness
  • Wear and tear

As with all insurance, please check your policy documents or talk to your adviser for full details of what is included and excluded from your cover.

How much does specialist commercial vehicle insurance cost?

Specialist commercial vehicle insurance policies can cover a wide variety of risks, making it difficult to give an average cost. The cost depends on how, where and for what purpose you use your vehicles, the type and size of your vehicles, your business profile and driving history. So whether you need cover for a truck, party bus, mobile shop, cherry picker, crane, or any other specialised vehicle, you should be able to purchase insurance that is tailored to your needs.

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