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Converted Property Insurance

Converted property insurance that doesn’t discriminate – cover for barns, churches, halls and many more.

  • Whatever your building, we can consider all types of converted properties
  • We won’t unfairly penalise you just because your property breaks the mould
  • Get specialised home insurance for conversions without paying over the odds

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Features of our converted property insurance

Cover for almost any converted property

We can consider insurance for many types of converted properties. The property could be recently converted, the original building could be hundreds of years old, it could be listed, of a high value or even of non-standard construction and we can still help get you covered. In fact, as-long as the building regulations are signed off on the conversion, we will be able to consider your property.

What we need to know

Two of the most important questions we will ask are, “how old is the original building?” And, “when was it converted?”. The life of the original building starts from when the foundations were laid so we will need to know this and also the date at which the most recent conversion was finished. Other things may need to tell us: when the last electrical inspection was, what type of heating system is installed, whether the property has exposed beams (and if they are fire guarded), whether the chimney is lined, if there are fire extinguishers present and if the property has asbestos.

Insurance for converted flats

Have you converted the property into separate apartments? We can also provide converted flat insurance. We can insure the entire property for you, on one policy. As well as the buildings insurance, we can also provide landlords insurance too should you wish to rent them out. We can also cover your property while the refurbishment work is going on.

Converted home insurance

We don’t raise the price just because the property is converted and we don’t unfairly lower the level of cover either. So you can still get the buildings insurance and contents insurance you need to secure your property. Our home policies also include temporary accommodation for you and your pets should your home become uninhabitable as well as many other great home insurance features.

Converted Property Insurance Claims

The claims team is experienced in helping customers who need to make property claims. You are able to report your claims 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can get started as soon as possible.

Just note, if reported over a weekend or during bank holidays, they will aim to get back to your with the next steps on the next business day.

Photographs of any damage are always useful to help your claim along - and please have as much information to hand as possible.

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Converted Property Insurance Articles & Guides

Get tips and advice from our industry experts to ensure you get the best out of your converted property insurance.

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Converted Property Insurance FAQs

We want to start renovating a property. Can you insure while the work is going on?

We can consider your property during the refurbishments, even if you don’t live there. Contact us on the phone to discuss this further as you may need unoccupied property insurance if you’re not living there through-out the duration of the work.

Do you provide accidental damage insurance?

Cover for accidental breakage of glass, ceramic hobs and sanitary fittings is provided as standard. However, you can choose to increase the protection for your home by adding optional accidental damage cover to your buildings, contents or both for an additional cost.

Can you insure my property if I rent it out as a holiday home?

Yes. We can provide the right cover for many different types of property use. So whether you rent it out, use it as your second home, or are just developing in order to sell let us know and we’ll find a solution that best suits your needs.

Do you offer home emergency cover?

Yes, you can add cover for home emergencies to your property insurance policy.

  • Three levels of home emergency cover, starting with emergency repairs to the primary heating system at your property
  • Extend to include emergency repairs to your drainage and water services, securing broken windows and doors - and dealing with pest infestations
  • Access to a 24-hour helpline and network of reliable UK tradespeople

Please talk to your Towergate adviser for details.

How can I pay for my premium?

You can pay by credit card, debit card or monthly direct debit.

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