The Benefits of joining a beach hut association

What are the benefits of joining a beach hut association. We look at how they work and why they can bring discounts on your beach hut insurance. Watch the video to find out more.

Should I join a beach hut association? Video transcript

Hi my name is Edward and I'm an adviser for Towergate.

In this video we’ll explain why beach hut associations are so good for your beach hut and some of the other benefits you might get by joining.

Beach hut associations are established to cater for local beach hut communities. Some have been around for many years while others are just starting up but either way, they provide a great service to beach hut owners.

So what are the benefits of joining a Beach Hut Association?

In most cases the fee for joining a Beach Hut Association is annual and can be as little as £5 for the year.

You will often find that beach hut insurance companies may offer a discount to beach hut association members. This is due to the association's work towards protecting Britain's beach huts. Many associations run beach patrols and work with the police to ensure that the vandalism and theft from huts is prevented as much as possible.

It’s the little things that can make a big difference and the role of beach hut associations can sometimes be as simple as a phone call. By having your details on record, many associations will alert you if something has happened to your hut. That way you may be able to fix any problems before they get worse.

Another benefit comes with the sense of community and social aspects. Joining an association is a good way to meet your neighbours and get involved in events that are happening on beaches near you. Associations such as Mudeford will through annual fun days in the summer which is a great way to spend the day.

One last benefit comes with insurance; some companies may offer lower excesses to BHA members meaning you would pay less towards a claim if something happened to your hut.

All in all, beach hut associations provide a fantastic service to owners and it’s well worth seeing if there is one in your area.

If you need a quote for your beach hut insurance, or have any questions, please call the team or visit the Towergate website.