Online Marketing Advice for Tradesmen with MyBuilder is a referral website used by thousands of tradesmen across the UK. We sat down with Community Manager, Ben Bailey, to get his advice on what tradesmen can do on and off the site in the world of social media and internet marketing. Watch the video here.


Video transcript:

What are online marketplaces?

Customers used to find a tradesman through word of mouth, or directories, but increasingly people are going online to find tradesmen. Whether it’s a dedicated site or social media, people are much more likely to find tradesmen that way these days.

What are the ways the internet is changing business for tradesmen?

Digital marketing can open up a whole new customer stream. If people are looking for tradesmen online and you’re not on there then you could be missing out on lots of potential work.

What are online marketplaces?

Online marketplaces are a new way for tradesmen to find work. Whereas you may have found work through word of mouth in the past, new online marketplaces offer a space where customers can meet tradesmen. Built on the transparency of feedback, that means customers can see the previous work the tradesmen have done, whilst tradesmen can build their reputation online and win themselves further work.

How do referral sites help tradesmen?

Referral sites bring the work to you, which means you don’t have to go looking for work. You can also pick and choose as and when you need work, filling in gaps in your schedule. Because you’re only paying on a lead by lead basis, it means you don’t have to pay huge advertising fees, which leaves you more money in your pocket.

What else can sites like MyBuilder offer?

On MyBuilder we give you the opportunity to tell a story about yourself, your work history and about any qualifications you might have. We also have a photo gallery so you can upload previous work you’ve done. We recommend you do this across all your profiles online because customer like to see what you’ve done in the past.

What else can tradesmen do to improve their online presence?

Use Google My Business, which gives you a free listing online and enables people to find you when they search for your business. There’s also plenty of free directories you can use. You might want to use social media, as lots of people will search there for tradesmen too.

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