Customer Q&A September 2014

We answer some pressing questions from our customers. In this article we explain how telematics data influences the way policies are underwritten and offer advice on procedure regarding employment related legal disputes.

Telematics Underwriting

  • There’s much talk these days about vehicle telematics. To what extent are insurance companies and their underwriters using telematics data to underwrite road transport businesses and should we be going to our insurer and asking for more favourable treatment based on the information that our telematics system can provide?

  • Those that underwrite haulage business are increasingly keen to find new ways to identify those haulage fleets that are most likely to provide a favourable underwriting return. The information provided by a telematics system capable of monitoring driving style and behaviour may convince an underwriter that a particular fleet deserves more favourable treatment than might otherwise be the case. Underwriters will pay particular attention if a company can demonstrate they use telematics as part of a holistic strategy towards the management of occupational road risk; a strategy that includes a top-down health and safety culture, comprehensive risk assessments, regular driver training, driver incentive schemes and post-accident reviews.

Avoiding the Employment Law Minefield

  • We recently dismissed an employee for misconduct only to find ourselves a few weeks later called to an Employment Tribunal. Never mind, we thought, we have legal protection insurance that includes cover for just such situations. We were shocked to learn though that because we hadn’t taken advice from our legal expenses insurance company’s helpline before taking action against the employee, we weren’t covered. Is this normal?

  • Almost all standard legal protection policies require policyholders to take advice before taking action against an employee. This is because employment law is such a legal minefield that unless a firm has in-house expertise, knowing exactly what to do in a particular set of circumstances can be very difficult. So taking advice before taking any action is not only an essential step if cover is to be provided, but also a prudent step.

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