Fighting your corner - How we work for our Motor Business insurance customers

Our clients are very much at the heart of everything we do. The claims team can often be found gathered around a screen viewing video footage so we can fight our clients’ corner. If we believe a case should be defended, rest assured we are straight on the phone to insurers.

Here are a few of the ways we defend our clients and some example of what we defend them against.

Footage Vault

We find camera footage is the best evidence available, enabling our clients to defend erroneous claims against them.

Changing lane incidents

When a vehicle changes lanes and causes an accident it can be difficult to establish who’s at fault. It’s often one driver’s word against the other and some divers will claim to be in the right or claim they were injured without accepting any fault.


It’s difficult to settle these claims quickly without footage. Many claims get settled on a 50/50 basis as firms cannot afford to spare a driver for a day to attend court. Camera footage makes it clear what has happened so that all parties can agree quickly who is at fault.

This incident was clearly the fault of the red car although the driver submitted a claim for vehicle damage, hire and injury. Insurers successfully defended the claim and a claim estimated in excess of £5000 was declined.


We are seeing an increase in the volume of claims made by cyclists.


Please note, due to the way the footage is captured on the rear view camera, the image is reversed. 

In this clip, our client received an email stating the cyclist had been knocked off into a ditch and injured his shoulder.

The client viewed the footage and found the truth of what had actually occurred to be very different. The mixer truck had successfully overtaken the cyclist and he can be seen peddling behind the vehicle from the rear facing camera.

The cyclist declined an invitation to come into the office to view the footage, sending an email that he was not intending to make a claim.

Without the footage we are pretty sure a claim would have been received.

Serious accidents

Sadly, accidents sometimes result in serious injuries or fatalities. It’s at times like these that we really try to pull out all of the stops for our clients.

If a driver is being interviewed under caution, we know how stressful this can be and work with insurers to ensure the driver is properly represented. We then follow each claim closely ensuring we keep our client updated throughout.

Insurer Challenge

Insurers are by nature cautious when it comes to setting an estimate on a large claim. We recognise the major impact these large claims can have when it comes to the renewal of a policy. We monitor and actively challenge our insurer panel to ensure claims estimates are reasonable.

In one recent case, a claim settled for half the insurer’s original estimate of £500,000. The accident was very serious and involved a cyclist who sustained serious leg injuries when he came into contact with a truck turning left. Although we believed the cyclist was the author of his own misfortune, there were weaknesses in our case and we did not want the case to run to trial - not least because this would have proved very costly.

Our team records each case where we believe our intervention has resulted in the reduction of an estimate. We call this our “reserve buster”. 

Towergate claims, fighting for our clients!

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