Safe-driving incentive scheme for car hirers

Naturally you'll want to encourage your customers to drive your hire cars safely to reduce risk. But did you also know that careful driving can have an impact on your carbon footprint?

Travellers are now giving greater thought to the environmental impact of their chosen form of personal transport. Offering vehicles for hire with lower CO2 emissions is an important step that companies can take. But the way in which your customers drive your vehicles can also impact significantly on your carbon footprint – as well as on your fleet insurance claims experience.

Cutting accident rates and severity by incentivising safe and fuel-efficient driving benefits everyone:

  • It cuts the time and inconvenience of dealing with claims

  • It cuts the cost of uninsured damage

  • It helps the hirer reduce their fuel bills

  • Safer drivers on the roads means that other road users are also safer

  • It benefits your business through reduced vehicle down-time

  • It could potentially reduce the amount you have to pay for fleet insurance

So a safer business really can be a more profitable business. But how can those managing self-drive hire fleets achieve this in practice? The answer is the deployment of an easy-to-install on-board telematics system that monitors driving style and behaviour and provides you with meaningful easy-to-understand reports. In conjunction with a carefully conceived hirer incentive scheme, this could offer you the opportunity to encourage your hirers to drive in a safe and fuel-efficient manner.

Whilst we cannot offer a telematics product along with our self drive hire insurance policies, we do have several relationships with telematics providers and would be happy to offer guidance and advice. Call our advisors to find out more. 

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