Common Public Liability Claims

As part of our public liability insurance video series this video looks at the common types of liability claims. Watch to learn how best to protect your business and the public by better understanding where the common risks lay. Check out the video to find out more...


Video transcript

Hi, my name is Ben Leech, and I'm an adviser for Towergate.

In this video I’m going to talk about common public liability claims.

Understanding risk in the work place will allow you to better safeguard your customers and staff and improve your risk assessments.

By looking at the most common types of public liability claims we can learn where the accidents usually happen and better apply this knowledge to our own places of business.

The possibilities of course are endless but as a rough guide common claims fall under these headings:

  • Disrepair – tree roots, snagged carpets, a protruding screw head or broken door.  If left unattended these can cause hazards to others.
  • Slips or Trips – Pubs, shops, offices and any private or public area could see a hazard created by something spilt. A business must show due care to keep their business areas safe. Obviously spills happen, but a process to avoid or manage clearing can help keep people safe.
  • Tools and goods – Such as things being dropped, falling or breaking whilst in use.  Again, it’s not possible to prepare for every possible outcome but keeping tools maintained, offering proper training and regular risk assessments are some ways you can reduce your risk.
  • Transport – Work vehicles, goods being moved in transit, transporting people and driving for business use poses a risk to anyone coming into contact with you.

How does my public liability insurance protect my customers?

If a customer, visitor or any third party person damages a possession or suffers some kind of loss or injury as a result of your business, you would want to be sure that you can provide compensation. As a business owner you have a duty of care to make sure members of the public are as safe as possible, in the form of risk assessments and health and safety etc.  If an incident for which you were liable happens anyway, against all your precautions you risk the public’s health and your business by not being adequately covered.

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