Wet weather driving

Driving in the rain and wet weather requires specific driving techniques and safety precautions. Our article offers tips and advice on wet weather driving for new and experienced drivers alike. Stay safe and avoid claims on your car insurance.

Driving on wet roads

wet weather driving dash board windscreen
  • You should slow down by at least 5 miles per hour.

  • Make sure your windscreen wipers are switched on.

  • Give the car in front of you more room than you normally would – this helps keep spray back to a minimum.

  • Be aware of puddles. Whilst this might sound odd, a large puddle can cause a drag that tugs at your wheel – potentially causing your car to swerve. When approaching large puddles of water you should slow your vehicle down.

  • Be aware of road flooding. Unfortunately flooding on roads is something many British drivers have to contend with at some point in their motoring career.

Driving through a flood

  • Drive over the highest part of the road.

  • Drive slowly to avoid water creeping into the engine and exhaust pipe.

  • Keep the vehicle in first gear and keep revs high. This also helps to reduce water creeping into the exhaust.

  • Never take your foot off the accelerator as this could also allow water to enter your car’s exhaust.

  • Once clear of the flood simply tap the brakes lightly to dry them.

  • Another serious danger on the road whilst driving in the wet is what’s known as “aquaplaning”. Aquaplaning is when the tyres surf the water pooled on the road – by doing so the car loses contact with the road. This seriously affects your ability to control the car and could result in an accident if you do not deal with it sensibly.

Controlling the car if you aquaplane

  • Steer in the direction of the skid.

  • Ease off the gas.

  • Follow these braking guidelines:

    • For antilock brakes: Apply the brakes firmly; don’t pump them.

    • For an automatic transmission: Lightly apply the brakes.

    • For a manual transmission: Push in the clutch and let your car slow down on its own.

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