Learner Drivers Insurance

Insurance for provisional drivers – we can offer specialist cover for learner drivers between the ages of 17 and 25.

iKube learner driver insurance offers fully comprehensive cover and discounts to provisional licence holders between the ages of 17 and 25. Cover continues and the premium does not increase when the driver passes their driving test, providing your driving test is not with-in the first 6 weeks of cover and that there are no other concurrent changes such as a change of address or vehicle that may affect the premium.

To start saving simply agree to keep off the roads between 11pm and 5am a night and have a telematics GPS (black box) device fitted to your vehicle.

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Learner Driver Insurance Features

  • Fully comprehensive cover

  • Discounted learner driver insurance for safe driving

  • Discounts for agreeing not to drive between the "red hours of 11pm - 5am"

  • Further discounts at renewal if you have driven safely

  • We won't increase your premium when you pass your driving test*

  • Black box GPS tracking device fitted professionally for you

  • You can add your parents as named drivers

  • The time you drive before your test will count towards any no claims bonus entitlement with us!

  • Quotations available for multiple related young drivers (i.e. twins and brothers / sisters)

* Providing your driving test is not passed within the first 42 days of inception of the policy. Other concurrent changes such as change of vehicle or address may affect the premium.

Prefer to spread the cost of your policy?

Paying by direct debit is an affordable and convenient way to pay for your policy. Through our preferred provider, Premium Credit Limited (PCL)*, you have the option of setting up a Direct Debit to pay your premium in equal monthly instalments.

To find out more about PCL and direct debit payments, select Direct Debit.

*To understand more about how PCL work together with Towergate, please read our Regulatory Information.


Learner Driver Insurance Exclusions

  • Motorbikes & Mopeds

  • Cover only applies to cars fitted with the iKube black box device

  • Performance enhancing modifications to the car

  • Main driver has any previous claims or convictions

  • Premiums may change if any other risk feature such as change of address or vehicle is concurrent with passing test

  • Additional drivers must satisfy underwriting criteria to be free


Learner Driver Insurance FAQs

Will I still earn a No Claims Discount?

Yes, our black box insurance product is no different to a standard car insurance policy in that respect. As long as you do not have an accident or claim in the insurance year, you will be entitled to a year's no claims discount at the end of the 12 month policy.

Can more than 1 driver under 25 be named on an iKube policy?

The only time more than 1 under 25 year old can be insured with our provisional insurance cover is if they are twins (and are born on the same day). Please note: only one can have a provisional licence.

Can I add my partner or spouse?

Dependent on insurer, you may be able to add your spouse or partner, as long as they are a common law partner. However, he or she must have a full UK licence and be over 25 years old.

Can I get a quote for Third Party, Fire and Theft?

Yes. Our provisional insurance is available on both Comprehensive and TPF&T (Third Party, Fire and Theft).

Who is included in the FREE cover for named driver offer?

With our learner driver insurance we can cover your parents and/or grandparents at no extra charge. To qualify, they cannot have any claims, accidents or convictions and they must be younger than 70 years old of age. If they have any previous claims and convictions we will review on the individual circumstances.

Can I drive in Europe?

This depends on the insurer. If you feel there is a strong possibility that you will need to drive abroad then please advise us during your quote.

What kind of driving licence do I need?

To benefit from our specialist learner driver insurance cover you must hold a valid UK provisional licence by the time your insurance is due to commence. Should you pass your test within the 12 months insurance cover period and as long as you're driving test is not within the first 6 weeks of cover, we guarantee not to increase your premium when you pass. At the end of the year, assuming you've not made a claim or had an accident, we'll give you a full year's no claims discount regardless of how many months were on a provisional licence.

Will my insurance premium increase once I've passed my test?

No! Unlike many other insurers that offer insurance for provisional drivers, we do not increase the insurance premium once you've passed your test. The only requirement is that your driving test must not be within the first 6 weeks of cover. If you're driving test is within the first 6 weeks of cover, you will not be entitled to our learner driver insurance.

Will I be allowed to drive other cars on the iKube learner driver insurance policy?

I'm afraid not. our provisional insurance offers great value comprehensive and TPF&T cover for you to drive the insured car only.

Does the car have to be kept overnight at the home address?

Just like a standard insurance scheme, as long as your vehicle is normally parked at the home address, you will still be insured if you need to park it overnight at another location. Please note, the Red Hour rule applies on your learner driver insurance policy, wherever the car is parked.

Can the car be modified?

Some minor enhancements are allowed. If your car has modifications or if you feel there is a strong possibility that you will modify your car during your learner drivers insurance cover, please contact us or advise us during your quote.

Are there any car's that cannot be insured?

That's a tough one to answer. Depending on insurer, we can insure up to a car insurance group 17. Each insurer rates a car differently and therefore sets its own car insurance grouping. But, as a guide, you may want to visit the Association of British Insurers.

What's the best type of car to buy to get the best deal on provisional insurance?

A rule of thumb is - the lower the car insurance grouping, the lower your car insurance will be. If it helps, some of the more common cars that are insured with our provisional are the Citroen C1, Peugeot 107 and the Aygo.

Do I insure my car in my parent's name and just be added as a named driver?

No - you, the learner driver, needs to be the owner, the keeper and also the main driver. The practice of insuring a young driver on a parent's policy as an occasional driver, when in fact the young driver is the main user, is known as "insurance fronting". This is illegal and is classed as obtaining insurance by deception. If the vehicle is solely or predominantly used by you, the learner driver, but you are not listed as the main driver, if the insurer finds out they are likely to cancel the policy or worse still, in the event of an accident, refuse to pay out.

I'm looking at buying a car which has been imported from outside the UK? Would you be able to insure it?

Our learner driver insurance does not provide cover for vehicles imported into the UK by persons other than the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can drive in the red hours before my learner driver insurance is cancelled?

There is no limit to the number of times you can drive in the red hours. However, our provisional insurance is designed to help save you money by keeping you off the road when you are most at risk. If you will be frequently driving your vehicle during the red hours then the product is not for you.

An additional premium of £100 is applied each night you use your vehicle in the red hours. If you do not use or move your car during the 'red hours' you will not be charged this fee and all you will pay is your usual monthly or annual learner driver's insurance premium. Failure to pay any premiums or charges may result in your policy being cancelled.

What is really tracked by the black box? Will you pass this data on to any third parties?

The black box or "telematics" device is fitted so we can see if the insured vehicle is driven between 11pm and 5am. We may also use this data to adjust your premium should you significantly exceed the annual mileage declared at the beginning of your learner driver's insurance cover.

Unless required for the prevention and detection of crime, we do not use it for any other reason during your first year of insurance with us. However, we may use any stored data to help provide you with a behavioural renewal discount. So, assuming you've not made a claim during the year, your renewal quote may include a double discount: 1 year's No Claims Discount plus a behavioural discount that is individual to you. Please note: based on your driving behaviours, your renewal quote could go up or down.

I might need to move my car after 11pm if I've blocked someone in. Will I be charged?

No. We understand that you may need to move your car in circumstances such as this. As long as your car does not move more than 100 metres then you will not be charged.

Am I able to alter the 'Red Hours' to suit my own needs?

I'm afraid not, the 'Red Hours' are in place to protect you and reduce your risk of accident.


Learner Driver Insurance Claims

Your ikube learner driver insurance claim

Unfortunately accidents happen, but should the worst happen we are here to help settle your claim quickly and efficiently.

To make a claim simply call our claims helplines,

  • Markerstudy: 0344 873 8184

  • Equity Red Star: 0844 800 1816

  • Aviva: 0844 891 1226

We are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to talk you through the details of your claim, answering any specific questions you may have and advising you of the next steps, guiding you through the process right through to claim settlement.

Please ensure that you have the following documents and information to hand when you call:

  • Your policy documents

  • Your driving licence

  • A copy of the driving licence of any other person in charge of your vehicle at the time of the accident

  • MOT certificate

  • Crime reference number, if applicable

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