How to Avoid Tiredness Whilst Driving

Stay alert whilst driving and avoid driver’s fatigue by following these few simple steps. Driving late at night can not only be stressful but very tiring, so drive responsibly and stay safe whilst on the road.

Tiredness on the road is incredibly dangerous - you have to be very alert at the wheel and when you're tired this may be difficult to maintain. First and foremost it's important to stay safe whilst on the road and avoid accidents as well as avoid having to make a claim on your car insurance.

Here is a number of ways that may be able to help you stay awake whilst driving at night:

Get a Good Night's Rest The Night Before

Whilst this might not be possible for all of us - if you know you are likely to be driving at night the following day then it's important to ensure you have enough sleep. A good night's sleep can help to revitalise you and possibly prevent fatigue from setting in whilst on the road.

Eat Wholesome Foods

Eating high carbohydrate foods such as porridge, pasta and rice can provide you with a sustainable energy source that can keep you going over a long period of time. It's certainly worth having a good meal before jumping in the car and taking to the road for a long journey.

Caffeine (in moderation)

Drinking coffee or other form of caffeine drink can help to keep you focused and your reactions sharp. It may be worth having a cup of your favourite caffeine drink before jumping into the car. Alternatively, if you feel tired during your journey it may be worth stopping somewhere safe for a bite to eat and a cup of coffee. This is also beneficial as it gives you the chance to stretch your legs and some fresh air.

Regular Exercise

Did you know that regular exercise such as jogging, swimming or brisk walks can help combat fatigue and increase your energy levels as a result? By exercising a few times a week you will be able to maintain good energy levels and help prevent tiredness whilst you're driving. There are a number of other ways to help you avoid tiredness whilst driving but the ones mentioned above are probably the most recognised and largely acknowledged to help control fatigue whilst driving.

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