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Reduce costs without cutting corners, with specialist telematics car insurance for young drivers aged 17-25.

  • Start earning your no-claims bonus before you pass your driving test
  • Can cost less than third-party only cover
  • Rewards available for referring other drivers

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What does young drivers' car insurance cover?

Cost-effective car insurance for young drivers

Cover we can offer for young drivers can cost less than other third-party cover, and can include additional discounts for not driving between 11pm and 5am. If you need to drive occasionally during these 'red hours' you can simply pay an additional premium each time, but once you’ve been driving a while the restrictions in place can be reviewed and potentially removed. We can also obtain quotes for you without these restrictions.

Comprehensive young driver cover

The cover we offer allows you to start earning your no-claims bonus before you even pass your driving test. It also includes a GPS tracking device, rescue and roadside recovery breakdown and third-party injury claim compensation.

Flexible additional options

Additional options available in iKube young driver insurance include additional named driver(s), enhanced breakdown assistance cover and legal expenses cover.

Cover for provisional licence holders

iKube young drivers’ insurance offers cover for both provisional and full-licence holders under the age of 25.

Young Drivers' Car Insurance Claims

Need to make a claim? Please contact the telephone number on your policy document to speak to your insurer directly.

Young Drivers' Car Insurance Articles & Guides

Make the most of your young driver insurance with our handy guides and tips.

Passing Driving Test


Tips for Passing Your Driving Test

Being faced with a driving test can be quite daunting for a young learner driver, especially for those of you who have had little experience with this kind of pressure. Here are our ten top tips for passing your driving test, to help you to stay focused and, just as importantly, keep your cool.

Nervous Young Driver


Dealing with Nerves as a New Driver

As a young driver or a learner driver, nervousness whilst driving is understandable; but help is at hand. Read techniques you can adopt to help combat nerves whilst driving, to help you avoid accidents and claims on your insurance.

Traffic In City


A Young Driver's Guide to Driving In the City

Driving in traffic through a busy city can be challenging, risky and unpredictable, even at the best of times. If you're unfamiliar with city driving and, even worse, unfamiliar with the city in question, then the experience of driving in a city can be very stressful. Here are a few quick tips to driving in the city for first-time young drivers.

Young Drivers' Car Insurance FAQs

How often can I drive in the 'red hours''?

There is no limit to the number of times you can drive during the 'red hours'. However, if you have opted for the additional discounts with agreed restrictions, you will be charged £50 for each night you drive between 11pm and 11.29pm, £75 for each night you drive between 11.30pm and 11.59pm or £100 for each night you drive between midnight and 5am (October 2017 prices). If you avoid driving your car between these hours, you will not be charged this fee and will pay only your agreed monthly or annual premium.

Some points to take note of with regards to 'red hours':

  • Any direct journeys to and from a regular place of work are excluded from any charges, provided iKube have been pre-advised of the journey.

  • If you have had a genuine emergency iKube are happy to discuss the individual circumstances: please call iKube the next working day to help you.

  • Above all, our priority is that you drive and arrive safely. Therefore, if you feel you are close to a particular time restriction do not rush to beat it: call in the morning to explain the circumstances and where reasonable we will do our best to help you.

  • iKube young drivers’ insurance has been designed to help you save money. So, if you think that you will be driving your car during the 'red hours' regularly in the initial few months of your policy, please discuss alternative quotation options with us.

Will I always need to pay a premium for driving during the 'red hours'?

Once you’ve been driving a while - typically three months after passing your test or the start of your policy, whichever is later - your restrictions can be reviewed and potentially removed.

Am I able to adjust 'red hours' to suit my schedule?

’Red hours’ are set according to road safety statistics, which reveal that young drivers are more likely to be involved in road accidents between 11pm-5am. For this reason, 'red hours' cannot be adjusted to suit individual drivers.

How much information is stored by iKube and will this information be passed on to third parties?

The iKube box is installed to monitor how and when your car is driven. Unless required and requested for the prevention or detection of crime, your identifiable information will not be shared with any third party other than your insurer.

Will I be charged if my car is blocking someone's driveway at night and I need to move my car?

As long as your car does not move more than 100m during the ‘red hours’, you will not be charged.

Am I able to benefit from iKube young drivers insurance if I don't have the Pass Plus qualification?

You don't have to have the Pass Plus qualification to benefit from iKube young drivers insurance. However, with the Pass Plus you may be able to reduce your young drivers’ insurance premium even more. iKube will give you 30 days from when you start the policy for you to take the Pass Plus test.

Take a look at where you can find out more about the scheme and which councils are offering a discount on the test.

Do I still earn a no-claims bonus with your young drivers insurance?

Yes, with iKube you can earn your own no-claims bonus as a learner and newly qualified driver. That’s something that usually, as a named driver on somebody else’s policy, you can’t do. If, after a full 12 months of having your policy with iKube, you've made no claims, you will earn a one year no-claims bonus, which can be transferred to your next policy with us at renewal. Please note that if you start your policy with us as a provisional driver other insurers may not accept this bonus; it will depend on when you pass your test.

Does my vehicle have to be parked at my home address at night?

Your vehicle can be parked anywhere in the UK between the hours of 11pm and 5am.

What type of vehicle modifications are allowed under the terms of my young drivers’ insurance?

Please call us to discuss any minor changes to your vehicle, such as alloy wheels. Anything that is deemed performance enhancing is not covered. For instance, iKube would not allow a change in suspension.

Can I drive other cars and still be covered by my young drivers’ insurance?

No, you will not be covered to drive cars not listed in your young drivers’ insurance policy. iKube young drivers’ insurance is based on you driving only the car listed on the policy and fitted with the iKube device. If the car is registered in one of your parents’ names, however, usually we can find cover for you.

Can I get insurance with iKube if I don't own the car?

iKube young drivers insurance is designed to help you get great discounts and earn no-claims bonuses on your own car only. Therefore, you (i.e. the insured driver) must be the registered owner and keeper of the insured vehicle.

Can I insure my car in one of my parents’ names?

You cannot insurance your car in one of your parents’ names - this is known as "insurance fronting" and is illegal. If the vehicle is solely or predominantly used by the young driver, the policy must be insured in the main driver's name. If iKube or our insurers find out you have insured your car in one of your parents’ names they may cancel your policy or, worse still, refuse to pay out in the event of an accident. You can however add a parent onto your policy as a named driver.

I have earned a no-claims bonus on my motorbike insurance. Can I transfer this across to my car policy with iKube?

Unfortunately not. Like most car insurance policies, iKube do not accept no-claims discount earned on motorbikes.

Can I add my girlfriend/boyfriend to my young drivers’ insurance policy?

Other drivers under 25 can be added as a named driver. However, they must be a spouse, common-law spouse or brother/sister. All named drivers must fit the iKube young drivers’ insurance criteria and be legally fit to drive.

I've been a named driver whilst learning to drive on my sister's car insurance. Now I've passed my test I'd like my own policy. Can iKube insure me to drive her car?

To be eligible for iKube young drivers insurance, the policy holder needs to be the owner of the vehicle and the main driver. If your sister is under 25 she could take out iKube young drivers insurance and add you as a named driver. You would not, however, be able to earn your own no-claims bonus - you would need your own policy for that.

Can my parents use the car that has been fitted with the iKube?

Your parents can use the car provided they have a "driving any other vehicles extension" on their own car insurance. Alternatively, they will need to be added to your insurance as named drivers. However, no matter who is driving, if the car is driven between any agreed restricted hours (e.g. 'red hours'), the corresponding charge will apply. Any driving behaviour assessments are also based on the vehicle, so will include any times during which other drivers drive your car.

Can I obtain young drivers insurance if I have a non-UK driving licence?

Both full UK and European driving licences are accepted but international licences are not accepted.

I haven't passed my driving test yet. Can I still get young drivers insurance with just a provisional licence?

Yes. iKube young drivers’ insurance offers cover for both provisional and full-licence holders under the age of 25.

Does iKube charge per mile?

Not directly. We will agree your mileage requirements with you before you take out your iKube policy. As discounts based on lower mileages will be applied, if you exceed this you will be required to pay an additional premium. We know that, especially for provisional drivers, it can be difficult to estimate your required mileage so if your circumstances change and likely to affect your initial mileage estimate once you passed your test contact us to discuss. We therefore help you by monitoring the distances you are driving so we can discuss any potentially required changes with you as early as possible. iKube does not hike up your premium or cancel your policy immediately once you’ve passed your test.

Does my premium increase when I pass my test?

Unlike some other policies, your premiums will not change when you pass your test, unless there are other additional circumstances (for example, if you have changed your vehicle or your address).

What extra rewards are available?

If you refer any of your family or friends to us, you can earn £55 in vouchers or experiences for every successful referral. Choose from The Lifestyle Voucher, which is accepted by over 150 UK shopping, leisure and travel brands, or one of the hundreds of available Red Letter Day experiences.

Can I pay in instalments?

If you would prefer to spread the cost of your policy you have the option of setting up a Direct Debit to pay your premium in equal monthly instalments through our preferred provider, Premium Credit Limited (PCL).

To find out more about PCL and direct debit payments, select Direct Debit.

To understand more about how PCL work together with Towergate, please read our Regulatory Information.

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