Unoccupied Home Insurance Explained

Unoccupied home insurance is not simply standard home insurance with a different name. We have put together this simple guide to explain the differences and help you understand what it is you can do to stay best protected while you are not in your home.

What is unoccupied home insurance?

Unoccupied Home Insurance is a specialised insurance policy to cover your home should you need to leave it unoccupied. The normal amount of time you can leave your home unoccupied on a standard home insurance policy is 30 days. Any longer than this will mean that you won’t be covered and will need to acquire unoccupied home insurance.

Do I need unoccupied home insurance?

How does it differ from Standard Home Insurance?

Unoccupied home insurance features

  • Renovations –We can add cover for the new work whilst it’s being done and after it has been added. These can include removal of load baring walls, extensions, roofing works, new kitchens/bathrooms and general renovations. If you are going to start work on your property, speak with an advisor to make sure you have the cover in place.

Buildings Insurance - Generally the most important part of property insurance is the buildings cover. In insurance speak the building is defined as “the Home and its permanent fixtures and fittings, swimming pools, paths, drives, terraces, walls, hedges, gates and fences all contained within the boundaries of the Land”.

The Rebuild Cost - This is the cost you should be insuring your property for. It is the most you can claim should there be a total destruction of your home. You must take into consideration the cost of demolition and clearance, solicitor, surveyor and architects fees and re-building, including outbuilding, pools boundary walls etc. Our advisors can talk you through the process of how to work out your re-build cost.

  • Example -A 3rd party (postman) trips on a loose slab in your drive way. You could be held liable in a compensation case.

Property Owners Liability – This is often the most misunderstood or overlooked by property owners. Liability insurance is to compensate loss, damage or injury to 3rd parties and their property. It’s important because it is your responsibility to oversee that the property is adequately maintained and this makes you ultimately responsible. Our policy covers you for up to £2million of damages.

  • Valuables –The policy does not cover your personal and valuable items. Your more expensive items such as these are assumed to be with you in your permanent place of residence, or kept in a secure location. These types of items are jewellery, gold, silver, precious metals, clocks and watches, coin, medal and stamp collections, works of art and furs as well as all other personal effects, photographic and video equipment and all other portable electrical equipment.

Contents insurance - Unoccupied property insurance can be taken out as buildings cover only (meaning just the structure) or buildings and contents.

A great way to understand the difference between your ‘contents’ and your ‘building’ would be to (hypothetically) tip your house the wrong way up. Anything that would fall is considered contents. This would mean furniture and decorations are contents but the walls, ceiling and kitchen cabinets come under buildings insurance.

Unoccupied home insurance features

About Towergate

Our unoccupied home insurance offers you a choice of cover levels and the flexibility to be taken out as and when you need it. And as your property becomes inhabited once again we can simply switch you to a standard home insurance policy that suits your new needs.

At Towergate, we employ experts and highly trained staff to guide you through every decision you make about securing your properties. This allows us to create flexible options which meet your specific needs right now and continue you to protect you into the future.

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