Buying a Haunted House: Are Brits Spooked by Ghostly Guests?

According to our survey, half of Brits think they have experienced some sort of paranormal activity in their home and one in eight claim to have moved out of a house because they thought it might be haunted. Read on for more frightening statistics, if you dare.

Responses from our survey* indicate that the ghoulish demons of horror films and gothic novels are jumping out of TVs and books and into real life: nearly one in three people surveyed confessed to having been spooked in their own home at night; one in five claim to have seen ghostly figures; one quarter of respondents have heard strange of unexplained noises; and nearly one in five claim to have felt a sudden and icy chill - a sure sign of a spectral presence.

What do you do if you discover you have a supernatural house?

One in ten people would move out immediately and put their house up for sale if they thought their home was haunted, while one in ten would get in touch with their local Ghostbuster, one in 17 would seek help from a member of the clergy and an equal number of rather enterprising respondents claimed they would cash in on their spooky situation by organising paid visits or overnight stays in their haunted abode.

Would you buy a haunted house?

It’s not just a common feeling in current homes that are eerie, our study also showed how much home buying plans are affected by fears of eerie activity.

  • 1 in 8 people claim to have looked around a house but chosen not to put in an offer because it was too spooky

  • 1 in 7 said they would not buy a property if their pets were spooked by it

  • Two thirds of respondents say they would not buy a house near a graveyard

  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, three quarters, would not buy a property near a morgue

Meanwhile, many prospective buyers would look for a sizeable discount on any home which was said to be haunted with nearly a third of house hunters saying they would be satisfied if they could negotiate 20% off the asking price. But even so, nearly half of respondents insisted that no reduction in price would be enough for them to move in.

* In October 2016, Towergate conducted a survey among 2,000 people.

Mike Stephens FCII

Date: August 20, 2021

Category: Home and Property

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