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If you currently insure your jewellery on it's own, ask our home insurance experts about including it in your high value contents cover. You may be surprised at the value for money you get.

Your jewellery is likely to top your list of most personal possessions. As such, we offer the option to cover even the most priceless of jewellery as part of our high value home insurance service. Many standard insurers don't have the capability to insure such expensive items but at Towergate we can arrange insurance for; pearl jewellery, diamond encrusted jewellery, gold jewellery and much more.

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High value jewellery insurance features

Your jewellery means a lot to you. Many high value items of jewellery are given as extra special presents or inherited from loved ones. In this respect, your jewellery is irreplaceable but at least we can cover the financial loss should your jewellery go missing or be stolen.

Furthermore, your jewellery will be covered as part of a specially formulated high value home contents policy which also covers items such as high value electrical items, expensive furniture, and antiques. Benefits of our jewellery and high value home contents insurance include:

  • Worldwide cover for physical loss or damage

  • Newly acquired items are automatically covered for 45 days, even if you haven’t told us (e.g. purchased on holiday)

  • If, during the period of insurance, someone claims a piece of jewellery isn’t rightfully yours, you can receive up to £25,000 if you are legally obliged to return the item

We understand that your jewellery collection and other home contents items will be added to and change in value. That’s why your Client Executive will be on hand to contact and make amendments to your policy. We see it as our duty to cover you and make sure you stay protected with our most complete level of cover.

Phone us today and speak to a member of our dedicated team to find out more about our specialist jewellery and high value contents insurance that goes above and beyond to cater for your individual requirements.

Prefer to spread the cost of your policy?

Paying by direct debit is an affordable and convenient way to pay for your policy. Through our preferred provider, Premium Credit Limited (PCL)*, you have the option of setting up a Direct Debit to pay your premium in equal monthly instalments.

To find out more about PCL and direct debit payments, select Direct Debit.

*To understand more about how PCL work together with Towergate, please read our Regulatory Information.


High value jewellery insurance exclusions

PLEASE NOTE: Jewellery cover cannot be purchased as a stand-alone item. We would be delighted to cover your jewellery as part of your home contents insurance or combined buildings and contents insurance.


High value jewellery insurance FAQs

  • Do I have to get my jewellery valued?

  • We recommend you have your jewellery professionally valued every 3 years. Organisations such as the Institute of Registered Valuers ( can help you find a reputable supplier. A valuation can help you keep track of fluctuations in the market, and avoid being under-insured. Our Client Executives are happy to advise in this area.

  • Do I need to prove ownership/purchase of my jewellery?

  • No, but it’s prudent to keep hold of any receipts and invoices related to your jewellery. This is especially true if you don’t have an up to date valuation.

  • Is my jewellery covered for minor repairs e.g. replacement links or polishing?

  • No, but it’s good practice to keep your jewellery well maintained and properly cleaned. For regularly worn items (e.g. bracelets, watches and rings) we recommend they are inspected, cleaned and any remedial work carried out at least every 3 years. This helps maintain the value of your jewellery.

  • What is a policy excess?

  • A contribution you pay towards each claim made as a condition of the policy. It may be possible to reduce your insurance premium by opting for a higher excess; speak to your Client Executive to see how we can help.

  • Are my possessions covered outside of the home?

  • Our insurance provides protection for your possessions anywhere in the world. Other policies may not provide this level of cover.

  • I'm expecting my list of high value items to be added to, can I amend my policy to include new items?

  • Yes. It’s as simple as getting in touch with your Client Executive and informing them of the additions you’d like to make to your policy. They will arrange for your policy to be changed and update you as to your level of cover.

  • Can I cover other high value collectibles?

  • Yes, we can provide a tailored policy to incorporate your entire high value collection, and will be delighted to discuss your requirements.


The service we provide to you

In addition to providing cover to suit you down to the finest detail, we aim to offer you a service that’s accessible and helpful. We’re not a call centre, rather a family-orientated broker with a refreshingly personal approach. Our Client Executives are on hand to help answer any questions about your insurance or make any amendments. We always speak in plain English and treat all of our clients with the discretion and professionalism they demand.

We believe that this approach to service should be in every step of the process. That means no matter whether you’re phoning us for a quote, amending your policy or making a claim, you’ll always find us at our best and willing to help.

The service and cover you’ll receive from us is the result of many years’ experience insuring high value items. We can offer cover that’s tailored around even the most obscure of items or collections. Trust in our knowledge and expertise and allow us to look after your insurance.

Our Client Executives are on hand to take you through everything you need to know. You can reach them Mon - Thu 8:30am - 6.00pm, Fri - 8:30am - 5.30pm on 0344 892 1372.

Call us or make an enquiry today to see what we can do for you. 

0344 892 1372
0344 892 1372 Mon - Thu 8:30am - 6.00pm, Fri - 8:30am - 5.30pm
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