Keeping your property development secure if it’s unoccupied

Developing a property is expensive at the best of times and that’s why securing the location if it’s unoccupied is important to do. James Dewane talks us through his top tips for keeping your empty property secure.


Security for an Unoccupied Property


If you are involved in renting, selling or developing properties, there are going to be times when the property is left vacant. During those times you need to make sure that your asset is protected as it can be.


Unoccupied properties are like magnets, attracting all kinds of headache – like having to replace stolen copper. However, these burglars are not interested in occupied properties and the easily accessible items there.

So when your property is empty here are a few things you can do with your insurance to make these events less likely. 

1) So what you want to do is use blinds, drapes and curtains to cover up your windows. To prevent people from realizing it’s actually unoccupied.

2) Put some standing lights on timers so they illuminate at different times – upstairs and downstairs and in the hallways. So people are under the impression your property is occupied.

3) Do not over-invest in locks. I’ve seen people spend a small fortune on locks to secure the door, completely forgetting about their window beside it allows someone to break in, reach through and access the lock. Don’t think that spending a fortune on security measures is actually going to secure the property – some of the simpler things are able to help too.

4) Houses with garages attached to them. Quite often, people will secure the main doors, and main windows, and completely forget about the garage door, and the access through the garage to the house. Once someone is inside the garage, they have complete access to the house, and they have all the time in the world breaking into the property because nobody can see them once they’re inside the garage.

5) Another important tip is, if the property is unoccupied because you have work being carried out… Don’t allow the tradesmen to leave their tools behind in the evening. Some tradesmen believe it’s very convenient, and it’s handy, but what you are doing is making it more attractive for intruders or burglars to break into your property and cause damage to your property to get to the builder’s tools.

The key things to remember is any property can be a magnet to the unsavoury types, but with proper planning, using our pointers on how to protect your unoccupied property, you should find it how you left it! 

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