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Home Renovation Insurance

Home improvement insurance, allowing you to stay protected while you renovate. From repairs to extensions, we are able to provide cover for your property.

  • Many property renovations will not affect the price of your policy, you just need to let us know
  • Structural work or large scale renovations can be noted on your policy with one easy call
  • For simple DIY and home improvements, you don’t need to inform us

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What does renovation insurance cover?

Accidental damage cover for renovations

Accidental Damage cover isn’t always added as standard to your policy and is usually an add-on to your home insurance. While home improvements are carried out, it would cover you for those little accidents which can have expensive ramifications; things like bursting a pipe when nailing a nail in a wall. You can include accidental damage on most of our home insurance policies as and when you need to. If you are carrying out renovations yourself like building an extension or replacing windows and it isn’t being completed by contractors, you will need to check with your current insurance provider to confirm if accidental damage cover is still available. If trades people are entering your home you will want to inform us to update your policy. This does not cost anything extra but means you have the extra comfort of knowing everything is correctly noted on our systems. Any trades people should have construction insurance of their own for damage they may cause. During the time you have contractors at your property cover for theft, attempted theft and malicious damage maybe restricted unless violent or forcible entry or exit has been used.

Unoccupied property insurance for renovations

If you’re moving out of the property for over 3 months while work is being done you may need unoccupied home insurance. In this case we can easily update your policy. Unoccupied insurance accounts for the extra risk to your home while it is vacant, if you fail to advise your insurance company that your property will be unoccupied for longer than the standard unoccupancy it could invalidate your policy. Speak with one of our advisors who will be able to update your policy then and there over the phone. You’ll want any renovations being carried out on your property to interrupt your life as little as possible; just the same, we don’t want your insurance to suffer at the hands of some temporary work being done to your home. So whatever work you’re planning our suite of property insurance policies mean you have great quality home insurance at all times.

Home Renovation Insurance Claims

Our dedicated claims professionals are all trained and experienced in managing home renovation insurance claims and are available from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm with the exception of bank holidays.

Simply call us using the number in your policy documents and our team will talk you through the details of your claim. We will advise and guide you through the next steps and will stay in regular contact with you right the way through to a fair and honest settlement.

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