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  • Option for 24 hour home care emergency assistance with no excess and no effect on your no claims discount
  • Discounts available for careful customers with up to five years claims free

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Protect you home and contents with insurance with the following features:

Optional 24 hour emergency assistance

Choose to add home care emergency assistance and you’ll benefit from a 24 hour helpline for sudden, unexpected events. A team will then assist you in making your home safe and secure once more and restore electricity, gas or your water supply if required. There is no excess to pay for this service and it will not affect your no claims bonus, it’s available as many times as you need it during your insurance policy, just limited to £500 per claim. When your home is unoccupied for more than 60 days you should turn off electricity, gas and water and drain down your pipes for cover to remain valid.

Alternative accommodation

If the worst happens and your home becomes uninhabitable, you’ll have cover in place towards the cost of staying somewhere else. The policy provides you with funds of up to 20% of the value you have chosen to insure your building for or, where you have only insured contents, up to 20% of the value you've insured your contents for. It's important to remember that you may need to cover this cost until we can provide means of reimbursement. You should always let us know if you need to use the cover before you arrange anything.

Theft from your home

The policy provides contents cover up to £75,000. If you have students in your family who are living away from home, their contents can be covered up to £2,000 in their university accommodation. In December we automatically increase your cover by 10% to allow for Christmas presents and for weddings, your contents will be increased by 10% for the month prior to and the month following your wedding day. As usual you must lock all of your doors and windows when you leave the home for this cover to remain valid.

Non-standard properties

There's a chance your home is actually classed as a non-standard home and therefore it can be a little more tricky to find insurance. We have policies designed to suit a range of property types including thatched homes, homes with lodgers, homes in flood risk areas, holiday homes, unoccupied homes and more. Discover the full range here.

Home Insurance Claims

Firstly it's important to remember that if there's been a theft, act of vandalism or loss to the home, contents or contents away from the home, you should call the police first of all. We will need an incident number to get your claim started.

Make sure you take photographs of any damage where possible and try to provide us with as much information as you can when you call through.

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Home Insurance FAQs

What if I have a lodger?

We have a policy specifically for those who have lodgers in their home. That way you can be covered for the additional risks associated with having a lodger in your home. You can contact our team in Colchester for Lodger Insurance.

What if I've had previous claims?

We specialise in providing cover where other insurers can’t. If you've had previous claims we will still consider your case whether or not you've been rejected by other insurers. This is also handled by our Colchester team and details can be found here.

Can you insure my home if it’s a flood risk?

Homes which are at risk of flood are often a little trickier to insure. We have policies which will cater for flood in some of the harder to cover areas and can often refer cases to our insurers to try and find you a policy. You can read more on insurance, provided by our team in Colchester, for flood risk areas here.

I run my business from my home, will this policy cover me?

Running a business from your home often means you have slightly different need to a standard home. Though we wouldn't recommend this particular policy for you, we do have a policy which would be better suited. Our team in Colchester are the best to speak to for Home Business Insurance so please call them on 0344 346 3259.

What is property owner’s liability?

Property owners liability is related to one’s legal responsibility to properly maintain property they own so it is not a danger to others. If a form of negligence connected to the property causes a third party to be injured or their property to be damaged, they may seek compensation from the property owner. Subsequently, it’s important to have insurance in place to cover this, most home insurance policies including our own, include this as standard.

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