Black Friday & Cyber Monday - Home Security Tips

With just about every store offering a Black Friday deal, it’s no surprise to us that the shops will be bustling all weekend. Follow that up with a more comfortable clicking spree on Cyber Monday and your home will be full of new and tempting treats for thieves. Here are our home security tips to ward off burglars during the festive season.

Black Friday in the UK

Black Friday and Cyber Monday will trigger a spending spree of a staggering £5 billion in the UK alone, but the weekend offers bargains for wily burglars too. This time of year is a busy time for our home insurance teams also.

Analysis of claims data since 2013 revealed that last year, household thefts surged by 20% in November*.


With shoppers bagging deals on tech, games and clothing, thieves and burglars are also banking on some Black Friday bargains – with empty homes, poor security and gift laden cars making it easy for opportunistic thieves. Towergate is urging people to check they have correct cover in place.

Annie Plaskett from Towergate said:

"After a frenzied shopping weekend, thieves know that many houses will be full of gifts and online bargains. Plus, with the nights drawing in earlier, it makes it easier for burglars to understand patterns of when houses are unoccupied. Some simple security measures can be enough to make opportunistic criminals think twice before entering an empty home.
"We are urging shoppers to check they have adequate home contents insurance covering them both in and out of the house when bagging bargains."

So this year we're advising home owners to take some simple preventative measures to stop burglars ruining the festive season.



Black Friday through to Cyber Monday - Our Insurance Tips

  • Check your home insurance automatically increases to cover extra contents at Christmas. If it doesn't, remember you might need to make an adjustment.

  • Check the limits you're insured up to for single items on your policy. That new TV may be above the value you are insured up to for an individual item. Usually you can just call and add higher value items to your policy at any time.

  • If your property will be left empty for more than 30 days during the Christmas holidays you may need unoccupied property insurance.

Happy shopping!

* Data from Towergate claims data in November 2015

** A British Standard sets a benchmark for quality of goods and services and is produced by the British Standards Institution (BSI). Products and services that the BSI certifies are awarded the BSI Kitemark™, which can be found on product packaging and the products themselves.

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