Claims: Keeping Our Customers at the Heart of What We Do

​At the end of last year, our in-house claims service scooped Broker Claims Initiative of the Year at the Insurance Times Awards. This award highlights the success of a transformation project which saw their results dramatically improve. This has been thanks to a range of initiatives and changes, all implemented over the past two years to improve the claims experience for our customers. Here's how we've helped.

The aftermath of storms Desmond, Eva and Frank, left some areas of the UK in devastation with hundreds of our customers claiming due to the damage sustained to their properties. When severe weather events such as these occur, there are often large numbers of people affected which can put a strain on the claims team.

How We Helped

Last year, our household claims team received a total of 308 claims from customers affected by the storms, seeking our help and expertise.

  • Out of these, 96 of our customers had to find alternative accommodation due to the severity of damage to their homes.

  • Our dedicated Claims division managed to resolve 261 of the 308 claims and help 88 of our customers move back into their homes within the year.

  • On going service- 47 claims are still open and 8 customers are yet to return to their properties due to the damage to older, non-standard construction buildings. (Under 7 feet of water for a period of between 7-10 days.)

Properties of Non Standard Construction Claims left open are still in the process of resolution. The process to dry and repair more complex properties has to be tailored to each type of construction, taking into consideration the severity of damage lengthening the process, and the availability of specialist contractors to undertake the work.

As a specialist property insurance provider, Towergate are able to source insurance for non-standard repairs and have experience working with contractors to help find solutions. We will continue to help these customers until they are able to move back in.

Going Above and Beyond

Customers who have returned home also received a 'Welcome Home' hamper from our team and those who are still living in alternate accommodated were sent a hamper at Christmas to reassure them that we still are on the path to resolve their claim.

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