Consulting Your Customers

Who better to seek advice from than your targeted customers? Ruth discusses the importance of consulting with you customers to help guide your business decisions.

Transcript: Consulting Your Customers In Business

On my website, the strap line is "For the welcome home you've always wanted" which I hope says it all.

Do you know what I'm gonna say to you, it might say what you want.

It says an awful lot of things, I don't know.

Well the thing is you need to ask, and that's the key thing and you know, I'm just about to do a restaurant and I don't know what to call it and I don't know what to theme it, So what I've done is I've gone out to, I think we've gone out to four hundred and fifty customers, and asked them.

'what would you call it' 'what would you this', because all I'm doing is saying you tell me, because your my demographic. Because I believe one of the most powerful things you can do is listen to your customers, because your customers actually give you your answers to overcome your objectives as a way. I genuinely believe that the more you ask and the more you go out to your audience and the more you get from them, the better your business becomes.

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