Earning your client’s trust

A home concierge company ask Ruth of her advice on gaining the trust from their potential customers and how to maintain an on-going relationship with their old customers. Watch the video for her answer.

Transcript: Earning Clients Trust In Business

Q: Linda Ellis, Nice To Come Home, it's a home concierge company.

A: Concierge as in cleaning?

Q: Concierge as in anything you haven't got time for, because you're out at work, or on holiday, or away on business.

A: Okay.

Q: I have one little issue, it's a big issue actually, and it comes in before, but around about the conversion to sale. It's the trust element.

A: Ah okay, do you know it's dead interesting when you say that? I am, do you know when you talk about people in your demographic and working out who are the best people to sell to, who you're looking to her. So when we say: 'Who are you? What do you provide? What makes you different?' What makes you different?

Q: All the people I'm working with, or have come to work with me, are people I know and trust, but I trust them, it's getting the trust...

A: ...backwards. What you're selling is the reverse to what I've got. So I've got the situation where I've got a cleaner, an ironing woman, somebody who comes in to let my cats in and out, and other people who have keys in and out my house, including one of my neighbours, who I've just moved in, in moved to the street in March last year, so I don't know my neighbours particularly well.

So, you imagine me at home, and I go home and find out that my bank book or something in my house is not where it was. Who do I go to?

Well the answer is, it's quite difficult, because I've got four people, where if I've got you, I've got one control point.

So from a safety point of view, it's much better to have one person controlling people than having four separate avenues.

My question to you is: What your business does is it eliminates all those different problems, but how are you going to verify that to me? Can your USP be... I mean your USP is I do all of that, so  you've got one point of entry, one point of trust, and one point of control. But who then cleans, feeds the cats, does this, does this? Are you outsourcing it, or are these all employed people?

Q: They're people that I'm bringing in ad hoc, as and when.

A: Okay, getting over the first hurdle of: security is the biggest thing. If you were recommended to me as Nicola (my cleaner) was, I, all of a sudden, my barrier comes down straight away. If Nicola then want to subcontract, or get people on an ad hoc basis, my barrier comes up.

So what you've got to get over very, very clearly is your unique selling point is first of all to do with the sanity checking of the people that you use. And actually if you were to say to me: '70% of the people that we use are actually employed, not retained, not different companies'... Clarify that, because that's one of your biggest problems.

You know I would say to you, online I'd get over that first barrier by making it personal, introduce me to John who does this and has got ten years' experience, and has a previous experience in X, Y, Z, like I do on my site.

At the end of the day, I'm a name on a website. If I don't get you to identify with the people that are going to come in and give you advice, my first thing is over. What I actually like about the thing I've got at the moment is, it's personal. And actually that's the message you've got to get across.

What you're doing is, you're giving me personal solutions to personal problems. 

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