Getting The Most From Your Website

Protect and grow your business online by getting the best out of your website. Ruth's video looks at how to increase online sales and differentiate yourself from your competitors on the internet.

Transcript: Importance Of Your Business Website

First thing you need to do is protect yourself, and make sure that you can buy your domain. Because the worst thing you ever want to do, ever, ever want to do, is start a little business that all of a sudden grows and grows and grows, because you never know what's going to happen online, and all of a sudden somebody owns your domain.

Because you're sat there and you've got all sorts of underscores, overscores, and things and you think: 'Why the bloody hell didn't I do it from day one?' Your website will deter, in two ways, the intent of the lead, at what stage they've got to put it in.

If somebody is sat online and they've inputted a lead then you would think there is a level of intent, but if in order to get the prices, I've got to put my email address in, then my intent is going to be very low.

If I've actually gone through your site, found a property, looked at the prices, and then sent you a contact, then actually I would imagine that the intent is quite high. I'd get your IP address, so I'll know whether you've been on my site before.

I'll also know what pages you were looking at, and I would link that all into my staff's mobile phone. If you go on my site now, it will pop up in my office to say somebody is on my site, where you're located, and what page you're looking at and have if you've been before, and if so when you came before, what so it's free, it's all free.

This is the key thing about your websites; does it tell me what I need? None of you bloody tell me how much anything costs.

Look at my website, I'll tell you how much I cost, because I don't want time wasters. If you can't afford me don't bleeding ring me, or email me and drive me mad. And that thing of who are you, what do you provide, what makes you different, all of you should look at your website and actually read whether or not you tell me.

Have a look at my website, the top line it tells you what we do, in a nutshell. Because I guarantee I look at your bloody websites, and I don't know, well, a member of my team looked at most people's websites last week, and you can't tell what people do, you know,  really interesting that.

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