Some of the best deals you do, are the deals you don’t do

Ruth Badger talks about how turning down a deal takes more nerves and can work out best for your business than if you had accepted. Watch the video to find out more.

Transcript: The Best Deals In Business

A: Some of the best deals you do are the best deals you never did at all.

Q: You would have to explain that…

A: Ok, what it means basically is, I've been approached by some really, really big consultancy firms in the city. What they want is they want me to work for them, so they want to sell their name and have me working there. That is the best deal I never did.

Because actually for me I would have earned a set wage, and you've got to remember I am very, very, commercial and I'm actually incredibly proud. So I would never say I can do something and not do it, because I'd take it personally, never mind the impact on my business.

But what I do know, is in order to keep me alive, I need to be doing something that I enjoy, that I thrive at, that… I don't know what you're like as a business man, but what makes me happy is doing deals and then actually turning round to the owner after and going: 'It worked,' and I'm as, not as shocked as them, but I'll go: 'It bloody worked' and you're going: 'Yes'. Now actually, you will never know how good your business is unless you continue to do that. And that's what I mean by some of the best deals you do are the deals you never do at all.

Because I'll tell you what, there are some big boys out there, who have got me in their offices thinking: 'Ah she's that kid off The Apprentice, she thinks she knows what she's on about,' and by the time they've walked out of the room, they know I know what I'm on about and I've said: 'not a chance'.

It's the deals you walk away from that takes more balls to walk away than it does to do.

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