Trusting your staff

In this video Ruth advises a telesales business owner on how she can learn to trust her staff more and at the same time prove their ability to her perspective clients, freeing herself some time and allow her staff to mature into their roles.


Q: I generate new business, so telesales: that's what I do. My problem is, similar to Matt's question, I need to get away from 'me to us', so when I book my own appointments, go and offer my services, I end up offering me, not my company.

A: So it's not scalable? For a business to take you seriously, properly seriously, and give you work after work after work, I need a second person. Because if you're not around, or you're sick or something happens, which it all does to all of us at some point, I don't want your voicemail, especially if I've got a team of sales people that you're booking appointments for.

 I think your difficulty is getting the right person. The moment you've got the right person, it's easy, because when you go to your appointments, you take them with you. Start with one and buddy. And make sure that they do what you do, they sound like you sound, and I'm not talking about on the phone, because they'll have their own ways, but then the next customer you go in, once they're at a level, you go: "Come with me". And this is what I do: if I've got a project I'll go in, and if they want me and they want me only, not a problem, I'll go in, I'll do the meeting I'll start it, but they'll always have a rapport with me, and the other thing is they will never believe what the other person's saying.

My marketing consultant is a multi-millionaire, and he built a business from a back bedroom, with me, and floated it, and he's a bloody good businessman, but if I went in and said: Meet Chris, Chris is amazing at sales and conversions", they'd go: "We want Ruth".

So for an example, I'm the owner of the business and I'm gonna talk about Ruth, and I will lead the conversation, but there are bits where I'll stand back and let them come through, so they see them as credible people.

So say for argument's sake you're coming in to me to sell training, you'll go: "Well we've done loads of training, Jane tell Ruth about that company that we did training with". And without realising it, as a customer, I'm seeing two instead of one. You're still the boss and you'll do the commercials, but I'm layering it up. Now, as a business owner, that's hard, that's really hard, especially when you're me, because I'm [very talkative]. And what I'll do is, I'll say: "Well actually, I'll let Lisa answer that," or Lisa will say: "I'll get that, Ruth".

Start it once and then all of a sudden, the moment you've got your one, you start to build up and it's easy. But your customers need to see somebody else, and how you get them to buy into them instead, as well as you, is to build that panel.

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